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SG Care Digestive Enzyme Drops is a balanced combination of 8 powerful natural herbs that keep our digestive system healthy and help detoxify the stomach and intestines. It improves the enzymatic status in the intestinal tract, and helps improve the proper flow of acid into the stomach. It also relieves and improves symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion, acidity, and bloating. It helps in retaining digestive juices in the stomach, helps in digestion of food, helps in absorption of nutrients from the food by the intestines, and relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract.
Add 4-6 drops in 100 ml of water, mix it properly with the help of a spoon, and drink it. Should not drink more than 3 times a day. This product is not intended for children under 16 years of age.
30 ml dropper bottle in magnetic paper box
Take 2-3 in a day after a meal or as directed by your physician.

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