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    In today’s competitive world, the usage of media platforms (like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) is rapidly increasing for all types of business promotions. The advantages and effectiveness of these platforms cannot be ignored but the negative usage of these platforms cannot be ignored also. That's why the requirement of a few guidelines is so necessary so that its ethical usage may be promoted.

    1. In the direct selling business, SGCARE Direct Seller(s) play a vital role in marketing and selling SGCARE product(s) and promoting SGCARE as a brand and as an ethical direct selling entity.
    2. In the outer world, the direct seller(s) are a direct representation of the SGCARE. Any wrong communication regarding SGCARE products and/or services, intentional or unintentional may cause a direct negative impact on the business of SGCARE.
    3. While promoting SGCARE product(s) and services in Social Media Platform like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp etc; SGCARE Direct Seller(s) can only use product(s) photographs, creatives, brochures, training material, business promotion tools, Logo, and Trademark provided by SGCARE. Usage of any other item(s) for the purpose of business promotion requires prior written approval by SGCARE management.
    4. Considering the above-mentioned factors, SGCARE Direct Seller(s) are advised to strictly follow the mentioned guidelines while promoting his/her SGCARE business. Any violation of these guidelines shall be taken very seriously and strict actions may be taken against the defaulter.
    5. SGCARE disclaims any liability of any nature for any loss caused to anyone due to any independent act (which is against these Guidelines) of SGCARE Direct Seller(s).

    SGCARE Direct Seller(s) shall strictly adhere to the following instructions while making any promotion of SGCARE products and/or services in all Media Platforms-

    1. All content used in media platforms must be 100% real, and truthful.
    2. There must be zero intentional or unintentional attempts of Mis-selling SGCARE product(s) and services. Mis-selling means selling a product or service by misrepresenting in order to successfully complete a sale and includes providing consumers with misleading information about a product or service or omitting key information about a product or providing information that makes the product appear to be something it is not.
    3. No information and/or communication from SGCARE Direct Seller on the media platforms shall neither distort facts nor mislead the consumer.
    4. No information and/or communication neither digitally nor verbally in any media campaign shall be permitted to contain any claim, which is not substantiated or approved by SGCARE management team.
    5. Any media campaign must not contain any information which is not approved by SGCARE and at the same time against the direct selling guidelines of the government of India.
    6. SGCARE Direct Seller(s) shall not write and post texts covering SGCARE product(s) and/or services. They are also not authorized to put creatives, or content visuals in media platforms, which cannot be substantiated or is not known fact.
    7. SGCARE Direct Seller(s) shall not misrepresent the price, quality, packaging, usage, dosage, or performance of SGCARE products, etc. SGCARE Direct Seller(s) may use only those claims and information as available on SGCARE Products and/or provided in the product information materials like product catalogues, training modules, etc. duly approved by SGCARE.

    Every direct seller of SGCARE must follow and practice the right and ethical business rules. Every direct seller needs to ensure that all digital Information posted on media platforms must not contain that information that directly or indirectly affects adversely for any other direct selling company.

    1. Don’t compare SGCARE product(s) with the product(s) of any other direct-selling company.
    2. Don’t post any derogatory remarks relating to the product(s) of any other direct-selling company in the form of text messages, voice messages, or in digital creatives.
    3. Don’t mislead your customers with the wrong Information (like product price, design, indications, dosage, and usage) of the product(s) that belongs to another direct selling company.
    4. Don’t copy and post-digital creatives, slogans, presentations, or videos of any other direct- selling company using your media platforms.

    While you are working as an independent business owner/direct seller of SGCARE, it is really very important to learn how you should present yourself on social media platforms. A simple mistake in representation may be a reason for huge business loss. So, every direct seller of SGCARE must follow the following:

    1. SGCARE direct seller(s) should mention their name as well as their designation/rank in their social media profile. For example, instead of mentioning ‘Works at SGCARE’, they should mention it like ‘Emerald (or any other rank you have achieved) at SGCARE’.
    2. No SGCARE direct seller is authorize to use SGCARE Logo, and Trademarks in their social media profile of any social media platform.
    3. No SGCARE direct seller(s) is authorize to create a page, chat group, profile page on social media platforms using the words like ‘SGCARE Management’, ‘Official SGCARE’, ‘SGCARE Official’, and ‘SGCARE Company’.
    4. Every SGCARE direct seller(s) must provide a brief information about their true business relationship with SGCARE in their profile page of all social media platforms.

    SGCARE Direct Seller(s) must not develop any Software, App, and Website connecting SGCARE mobile app and/or website or its business activities with such Software, App, and Website. SGCARE never allows any SGCARE Direct Seller(s) to develop any Software, Applications, and/or Website connecting SGCARE or its business activities. Further, SGCARE disclaims any

    liability of any nature for any loss caused to anyone due to the development, or usage of such Software, Applications, and/or Website.

    1. SGCARE direct seller(s) shall obtain prior written approval from SGCARE before sharing, disseminating any creatives, content, videos, training material, and digital brochure relating to SGCARE on any social media platforms.
    2. SGCARE direct seller(s) are allowed to use content, and material from collaterals like posters, leaflets, SGCARE mobile app and/or website, and training presentations duly approved by SGCARE. Further, the content taken from these sources should not be edited.
    3. SGCARE disclaims any liability of any nature for any loss caused to anyone due to the usage of any creatives, content, or product videos (other than approved by SGCARE) by any SGCARE direct seller(s).